Chinese Whispers – Art & Culture (49)

I rather think our tour of China in 1978 was a bit of trial and error for the Chinese as conducting tours was a very new venture. All I can say is that… Continue reading

Chinese Whispers – The ‘Burbs (48)

I forgot to mention that, when we arrived in Beijing, we were each issued with the ubiquitous winter coat that all Chinese wore at that time – padded, long, grey-green, fur collar, fur-lined… Continue reading

Chinese Whispers – Beijing (47)

We didn’t stay long in Guangzhou before flying to Beijing. In those days the domestic planes were flown by air force pilots so we shot along the runway at an amazing speed and… Continue reading

Blog Awards – A Big Thank You

I was going back through correspondence I’d kept to follow up yesterday and came across an award from Honey at A Slice of Heaven in Sweden. It’s probably going to be the surprise… Continue reading

Chinese Whispers – China in 1978 (46)

Enough of the childhood clear-out and back to my travels! I saw a photo today of racks of sweet corn cobs drying in the air, and it took me straight back to the… Continue reading

Rest & Recreation – Another Kidney Infection

I had a flare-up of fibromyalgia at the end of last week complete with the Glums which is where you wake up feeling like you’re at the bottom of a dark pit with… Continue reading

InSight (45)

I thought I was done and dusted with the Canyons of My Mind series but no, my subconscious had another surprise in store for me – a nightmare! I’ve only, thankfully, had one… Continue reading

Winding Up! (44)

Just to wind up, as I said previously I went through my life thinking that my parents were a couple in themselves, with me on the outside. So imagine my surprise when I… Continue reading

Ancestral Healing (43)

As you know from an earlier post, it was reading about the long-term effects on your brain as a child in the Adverse Child Experiences (ACE) report which sparked off this current run… Continue reading

Canyons of My Mind – Alcoholism (42a)

Added to the heritage of domestic violence was the fact that, most of my life, Dad was a dry drunk who never dealt with his anger and resentment. There was a photo of… Continue reading